My Stance on Major Issues

Here are the major issues at the core of my candidacy.  The first link for each is to my detailed position on that issue and the link at the end of its brief description is to Posts I’ve made on this Blog about that specific issue.

  • My Candidacy and Campaign are intended to serve as Call for “We the people…” to organize and build a “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” (here to for referred to throughout as a “p’BD’DiA”) movement that will not only challenge the presumptive inevitability of current “Business and Politics as Usual” but attempt to offer and describe a clear alternative path into our collective futures.  This is the core reason for my running for Congress and pretty much all the other issues are the planks to the platform I am proposing.
  • It’s my view that “Citizen Candidacies” around the country for seats in the U.S. Congress can form the foundation on which to build and grow the “p’BD’DiA” movement I am calling for.  As I pursue my own effort to get on the ballot as an Independent “Citizen Candidate” advocating for what I believe is needed for “We the people…” to reclaim our own Democratic power and say over our own Government, economy, Nation, and society I will learn, observe, and record as my experience unfolds and hopefully end up with a model that can be duplicated in Congressional Districts around the country for the next “mid term” elections in 2018 and maybe have some momentum and traction building by the 2020 Presidential campaigns and General election.

There are many other issues to the above two major ones:

  • Big money dominatesur politics, especially since the Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court Decisions has, along with the complicity of our The Party Duopoly” of h’s ever greater allegiance to the almighty funders of the electioneering and corporate media whart